Use Artificial Intelligence in your Spinning Mill Step into the future Base on higher product quality Lower raw material cost

How does it work?

OptCotton precisely controls cotton mixes using all quality parameters provided by any HVI source.

Its main purpose is the elimination of variations in quality among mixes so that the yarn keeps its quality standards.

OptCotton manages your inventory since the cotton bales arrive until their consumption in the opening line.

Cotton Mixing Process

Currently OptCotton controls 1,3% of all cotton in the World and we are going gradually to take over the market because no other System is able to effectively and accurately control cotton bale mixes without categorization.

The spinning mill may purchase cheaper cotton given the fact that with OptCotton the spinning mill may accurately redistribute and mix cotton of less quality with cotton of higher quality.

With OptCotton you may use all quality attributes provided by any HVI machine resulting in total control of the mixing process.

Artificial Intelligence used for the Textile Industry

The future in the textile industry relies on Artificial Intelligence to mix cotton. Human-based methodologies are inefficient and are prone to mistakes. One example is the elimination of Barré, which is a major problem in the textile industry. With OptCotton the spinning mill can eliminate it.

With OptCotton the CEO himself may have control and access to the mixing process, not being totally dependent on his quality manager. With OptCotton he may easily access quality reports and actively understand the process.

Some of the advantages:

As OptCotton precisely controls cotton mixes using all quality parameters provided by any HVI machine, then variations in quality are reduced. Among its advantages, with OptCotton your plant may:

No need to separare inventory into classes

This is most innovative methodology of bale management so far! Inventory categorization is part of the past!

Barré control

Both the use of sophisticated algorithms for cotton mixes and the reduction of variation in quality eliminate such risk.

Uniformed mixes

In order to avoid variations in quality standards, OptCotton use both the inventory quality and that of the previous mixes then no intolerable variations will be accepted.

Machinery runs more efficiently

OptCotton uses intelligent algorithms to keep machinery running with fewer interruptions consequently increasing the efficiency of the spinning process.

Comparison in quality control

With OptCotton

Using OptCotton

These are real quantitative data which clearly show how accurately the spinning mill may control quality parameters.

Without OptCotton

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A little about us

WW Systems is a leading company which develops software systems for the cotton industry. We are highly concerned about quality in the textile production.

We are located in South Brazil, about 02-hour flight from São Paulo.

Our team is composed of highly experienced software engineers with international expertise in the spinning process in Argentina, Brazil, India, Mexico, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand and others.

Cotton yarn production without barré. Uniformed mixes throughtout the time.
No bale categorization. More efficiency of the spinning machinery.
All HVI parameters controlled in the mixes. Reduced costs in cotton purchase.
Does your spinning mill classify less than 30% of cotton?
Does your spinning mill classify more than 30% of cotton?