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About the software

Optcotton is a system that precisely controls cotton mixes, using all the quality parameters provided by the HVI, in addition to other parameters classified by the company.

The main purpose of the system is to eliminate quality variations between the mixes, ensuring the production of high quality yarns.

The system controls the inventory and the quality of the cotton from the arrival of the truck with the bales to the consumption in the opening line allowing, in this way, the production of large batches of yarn without variation in quality.

How it works

With unique methodology in the market, the system does not need separation of the inventory in classes. Only the HVI data of each bale are needed, with this information the software plans and elaborates the mixes controlling the variation and maintaining the uniformity of the process.

Optcotton is a fully flexible system. The system was designed to adapt to the most diverse forms of work, both with regard to the mix process and the stock management of cotton. in addition, it can be easily integrated with management systems.

When the cotton classified Is higher than 30%, the quality of the mixes will consequently be higher. See below how the software works in this case.

See below the procedures for preparing mixes when sorting up to 30% of the cotton.

As a result, the plant has the potential to produce higher quality yarns and fabrics because the system maintains more precise and stable the mixes in the process, and it is possible to work with reduced inventories, which leads to higher profitability.

See a comparison of mixes made with OptCotton and without the system.

With OptCotton
Without OptCotton

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